If you have any other questions regarding our processes you might find your answers here. What does it take to rank a Youtube Video?

Q: What can I expect to pay for an SEO campaign?

A: We charge based on your objectives. How competitive market space is. How far your business has to go. What needs fixing vs what’s working well. There are many factors that influence the end cost, but our rates start at $500 per month.

Q: What can I expect to pay for an AdWords campaign?

A: If you have simple campaign objectives and require only a few ads, then the pricing will be low. If you have some more complicated requirements and need more comprehensive tracking the costs will be higher. Our prices start from $300 per month.

Q: Will I have to pay to make changes to my website in the future?

A: No. We build our sites on WordPress, the world’s largest open source CMS. You don’t need us to edit the site, it’s simple and we show you how. We don’t build websites with proprietary systems, so you don’t need to ask your webmaster to make changes. That’s a giant pain for everyone.

Q: How do you rank videos higher on YouTube?

A: There are a number of signals that YouTube pays attention to. Views, comments, likes and subscriptions have some influence, a good description and title help too, but the real power comes from somewhere else. We use our experience in ranking YouTube videos to quickly and safely rank your videos on YouTube and even in the Google search results pages.